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Adv.Vishnu Solanki

LLB (India), LLM (UMB, USA)
Founder and Managing Partner

Adv. Vishnu Solanki is a highly experienced legal professional with expertise in India, USA, and international law. With an LLB degree from India and an LLM degree from the University of Maryland, USA, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective to his practice. With over 18+ years of experience, ADV. Vishnu Solanki has successfully handled a wide range of legal matters both locally and globally. He has established himself as a trusted advisor and advocate, providing effective legal solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Advocate Vishnu Solanki stands as a paragon of legal expertise and ethical conduct within the legal community. With a career marked by extensive experience and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, he has established a solid reputation as a trusted legal practitioner. Vishnu Solanki's journey in the legal field has been characterized by a deep understanding of the intricacies of law and a passion for delivering exceptional legal services. His years of practice have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge across various legal domains, allowing him to navigate complex legal landscapes with finesse. This breadth of experience positions him as a versatile and reliable legal professional capable of addressing a diverse range of legal challenges.

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Mr. Ankit Tripathi

IIT (Roorkee), MBA (IIM-B)

MR. Ankit Tripathi is a highly accomplished business consultant with a strong educational background and diverse professional experience. He holds a degree from IIT Roorkee and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, two prestigious institutions renowned for their academic excellence.

With his comprehensive knowledge and expertise in business management, MR. Ankit Tripathi offers valuable insights and strategic guidance to organizations seeking to enhance their performance and achieve their goals. He combines his strong analytical skills with a deep understanding of market dynamics to develop practical solutions that drive growth and success. Prior to his role as a business consultant, Mr. Ankit Tripathi served as an employee at the Reserve Bank of India, where he gained valuable insights into the financial sector and regulatory frameworks. This experience enables him to provide clients with valuable perspectives on compliance, risk management, and financial strategies.

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Capt. A.K. Karkare

Master Marine Shipping Arbitration Expert

Capt. A.K. Karkare is a highly accomplished professional with expertise in marine shipping arbitration. With his vast knowledge and experience in the field, he has been recognized as a Master Marine Shipping Arbitration Expert. As a Varuna Awardee, conferred by the Government of India, he has demonstrated excellence and leadership in the maritime industry. His contributions and achievements have earned him this prestigious recognition.

With a deep understanding of marine and technical aspects, he serves as a valuable partner in matters related to marine operations and shipping. His expertise and insights provide valuable guidance and support to clients in navigating complex maritime issues.

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Adv. Amanuel Gebregiyorgis

LLB (Ethiopia), LLM (UMB, USA)

Adv. Amanuel E. Gebregiyorgis is a highly skilled legal professional specializing in international arbitration law. With an LLB degree from Ethiopia and an LLM degree in International Arbitration Law from the University of Maryland, USA, he possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

As a foreign partner of the firm, Adv. Amanuel E. Gebregiyorgis brings a global perspective to the practice. His deep understanding of international arbitration principles and procedures enables him to effectively represent clients in cross-border disputes and provide strategic legal advice.