Practice Areas

1Local and International marine matters

• Collision Arbitration
• Insurance Claim
• Contracts Disputes b/w - Owner and Managing Company Disputes, Management and Vendors Disputes, Crew and Management Disputes
• Arrest and Release
• Recovery
• Pollution
• Private and Public Necessity Trespass in Sea
• Unauthorized Anchor
• Design Defect Liability
• Local and International Laws Compliance
• Letter of Credit
• Fraud Bill of Landing Issues
• Goods Delivery Issues

2Local and Global E - Procurement Contracts and its Disputes

• Unfair, Narrow, Broad and Stringent Conditions in the Government Tender to Eliminate the Competitive Bidders
• Violation of Fair and Transparent E-Procurement Bid Procedure
• Favor and Disfavor the one Bidder Against GFR Rules 2017
• Too Much Relax and Strict Tender Conditions
• Performance Bank Guarantee and Earnest Money
• Valid Offer and Acceptance Issues
• Discharge the Performance of Contract
• Breach and Performance Issues etc
• Damages and Bonus Claim
• Third Party Issues

3Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises Issues

• Recovery of Due Amount From PSU and Government Departments
• Representation the SME Before The Government and State To Support and Benefit the SME
• Compliance and Legal Management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
• Government Contract’s Conditions and its Arbitration

4International Business Transactions

• Service and Sale of Goods Contract Disputes
• Overlap Terms Disputes b/w Performa Purchase Order and Purchase Order
• Supply of Defect Goods Issues
• Fraud Bill of Landing
• Goods Delivery Issues
• Export and Import Penalty Issues
• Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Disputes
• Project Finance and Management
• Back To Back Performance Bank Guarantee Disputes
• Letter of Credit Issues b/w Confirming ad Non Confirming Banks
• Standby Letter of Credit Issues
• Advise For Set Up New Entity, Franchises or Distributorship of Foreign Organisation for New Projects
• Direct and Indirect Investment Licenses and Compliance
• Foreign Corrupt Cases for Spending Money And Lobbying Political Party, Official Government Head To Favour Foreign Organisation
• Transfer of Technology by Foreign Organisation and its Infringement by Local Organisation
• Arbitration Litigation and Its Award Execution
• Enforcement of Foreign Judgment
• Challenge Foreign Judgment and The Arbitration Award

5International and Local Banking, Contract and Trade, and its Disputes

• Letter of Credit Issues
• Legal Notices
• Corporate Finance
• Vetting Contracts
• Legal Audit, Title Search
• Performance Bank Guarantee
• Banking Recovery
• Any other matters you may have

6Internet Cross Border Commercial Disputes involved Foreign Laws, its agreement, and Secured Transactions

• Cross Boarder Online Sale and Purchase Disputes B/w Customer and Organisation
• Unauthorised Online Contents Disputes
• Cases Against Foreign or Local Organisation Selling, Streaming, Expressing, Printing, Publishing and Distributing The Material, Books and Product That Is Hurting Sentiment and Emotion of Particular Race, Region, Religion and Community in The Area

7Road, Highways, Infrastructure and Construction Contracts, and its Arbitration

• Tender Enquiry and Request For Proposal Conditions Disputes
• Tender Technical and Commercial Eligibility Qualification Disputes
• Unfair, Unnecessary, Too Much Stringent, Broad or Narrow Conditions Disputes
• Violation of Procurement Process Rules Issues
• Valid Offer and Acceptance Issues
• Wrongly Forfeit Bank Guarantee Disputes
• Contract Performance and Third Party Liability Issues
• Damages Claim
• Recovery of Contract Amount
• Performance Bonus Recovery Issues
• Arbitration
• Defect Design of Bridge, Building, Highways, Ship Port and Airport Disputes
• Disputes B/W Construction Labour and Company
• Liability Issues B/W Employer, Main Contractor or Sub Contractor

8Enforce Foreign Judgment, International Service of Process and Discovery

• Enforcement of Foreign Judgment and Arbitration Award
• Challenge the Foreign Judgment and Arbitration Award

9Immigration and US Visa Application Assistance

• H1B Visa Application
• Green Card Processort
• Study Visa
• Business Visa, etc.

10Intellectual Property Rights

• Infringement of registered or unregistered copyrights Disputes
• Global and Similar Trade Mark use and its Disputes
• Copyrights, TradeMark and Patent license application

11Medical Negligence or Malpractice

• Medical Malpractice and Negligence Matters Against Hospital and Doctors
• Wrongful Treatment and Diagnosis
• Medical Insurance Fraud Claim By Hospital
• Unethical and Inhuman Health Law Research Cases Against Pharma Company
• Third Party Claim Against Hospital and Doctors
• Defect Products Liability By Hospital Against Manufacture
• Cases Against Doctor for Breach of Confidential Information
• Disputes B/W Doctor and Hospital for Liability of Claim by Patients
• Staff and Hospital Disputes
• Sexual Harassment of Employee and its Wrongful Termination Claim
• International Patience and Their Health Treatment Disputes
• International and Local Contract Disputes between Hospitals, Doctors, And Third Party
• Human Rights Cases Against Hospital
• Foreign Corrupt Practice, investment, compliance and Money Laundering

12Real Property and Taxes Issue

• Division of Ancestors Land and Money B/W Non Resident and Resident Family Members
• Future Interest of Legal Heirs and Its Successor in Business, Agriculture, House, and Money etc
• Conveyance Deed and Transfer of Property Disputes
• Inherited Real Property Issues
• Mortgaged and Lien Property Disputes
• Adverse Possession and Its legal Transfer
• Lease, Sub Lease, and Assignment
• Tenancy Rights and Disputes
• Easement Rights etc
• Infrastructure and Land Development Deed Issues

13Foreign Corrupt Practice and Money Laundering

• Unethical practice in lobbying with and funding for Political Party, its leaders and government ministers and its official for government approval, enacting policy and law
• Foreign Investment Disputes and Compliance
• GST & Income Tax

14Real Property

• B/W Non Resident and Resident Family Members of India
• Future Interest
• Conveyance Deed and Transfer of Property Disputes
• Inherited Real Property Issues
• Mortgage
• Adverse Possession
• Lease, Sub Lease, and Assignment
• Tenancy Rights and Disputes
• Easement Rights etc

15Family Disputes B/W Non-Resident and Resident

• Property disputes b/w Spouses
• Divorce b/w Resident and/or Non-Resident spouses
• Child Custody and Maintenance Issues b/w Resident and/or Non-Resident parents involving Indian and Foreign law for child custody
• Any other Family matters

16Personal Injuries and Criminal Matters

• Defamation, Cheating, Fraud, Dishonesty, Misrepresentation, Duress, and Rape
• Register FIR
• Criminal Bail

17Partnership, Cooperative and Corporation issues

• Personal Liability of Partner
• Disassociation of Partners
• Dissolution of Partnership Firm
• Partner rights disputes over Personal Property in and Intellectual Property of partnership firm
• Project Management and Investment Disputes b/w Investor and Board of Directors
• Board of Directors and Its Authority beyond the Power Disputes
• Management level higher position appointment disputes b/w Board of Directors, and Stock holders
• Using Corporation Money for Family and Personal benefits
• Investing Company money in loss making projects Disputes
• Disputes B/W Share Holders and Board of Director of Subsidiary in Local Country and Parent Organisation in Foreign Country for its investment in Local Organisation
• Cooperative Society Disputes

18Torts Matters

• Private and Public Land Trespass
• Accident Claim Cases of Injured Person Who Had Accident Or Injuries In Public And Private Property of Other Organisation or Person
• Interference in Other Person Enjoyment
• Employer Liability For Employee
• Defamation Case b/w Girls and Boys for Disclosing Private Affair
• Design Negligence Cases
• Defect Product and Design Case
• Fire, Dangerous Gas, and Hazardous Material Cases
• Unauthorized Use of Private or Public Land
• Liability Cases Without Fault
• Workman Compensation Cases

19Human Trafficking and Human Rights

• Child Trafficking and Labour Cases Against Organisation and Government Authorities
• Human Trafficking Cases Government Authorities For Failure
• Cases Against Police Brutality and Torture
• Cases Against Government official for Violation of Human and Individual Rights in Humiliating And Disrespecting the People
• Cases Against State officials for Crime Against Specific Race, Religion, Color, Gender and Group
• Genocide Cases Against State or Central Government in International Court of Justice

20Foreign Investment and Compliance

• Investment Permission, License and Compliance
• Buy a Property and Equity in Organization
• Investment by Foreign Orginsation and Individual in Local Organisation and its Fraud Cases

21Global Merger, Acquisition, and Joint Venture

• Due Diligence Check and Investigation Before Acquisition of Any Organisation
• Vetting The Merger And Joint Venture Contracts
• Compliance For Merger and Joint Venture

22Cyber Crime

• Data Privacy
• IT Matters

23Banking and Non-Banking

• Legal Notices
• Corporate Finance
• Project Finance
• Vetting Contracts
• Legal Audit
• Legal Opinion for Property
• Performance Bank Guarantee Disputes
• Banking and Non-Banking Recovery
• Any other matters you may have

24Doing Business Set Up and Compliance

• Registration of Trust, Partnership, LLP, LLC, and Private Ltd
• Disputes B/W Trustees, Beneficiary of Trust and Settlor
• Dissolution and Division of Trust Property
• Cases Against Trustees for The Duty and Investment
• License For Foreign Donation in Trust
• Tax, Export and Import Compliance
• Other Corporate Issues

25Corporate Legal Management

• Set up the HR, Administration, Finance, Operations Policy and Due Diligence Guidelines
• Manage Full Time Legal Department of Organization
• Handel The Entire Legal Issues of Organization
• Represent The Organization Before the Government and its Authority
• Advise and Opinion the Organization on Complex Local and Global Legal Issues
• Review The Organization Issues
• Assist the Management For Business Investment and Go Global

26Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech Cases

• For Right To Work, Travel, Marriage, and Vote cases
• For Right To Quality Life and Education
• Against Central and State Government for Precluding People Marching, Protesting, Speaking in Public or Private Platform Against Government and its Officials
• Against Officials for Violation of Individual Rights
• Prohibiting or Forcing People to Join Specific Group and/or Organization

27Sexual Harassment at Workplace

• Compensation for Wrongful Termination
• Undue advantage of Position
• Support incompetent Employee in Exchange Sexual favour
• Humiliating Competent Employees if He or She Is Denying the Sexual Favour for Supervisor
• Unnecessary Work Assignment for Sexually Harassing The Employee

28Constitution Matters

• Discrimination Policy and Rules
• B/w State and Central Government
• Against Supporting one race, religion, gender and group
• Misusing and Unnecessary Spending the Public Tax Money for Benefit One Race, Religion,Organization and Group For Political or Self Interest
• Any Other Matter You May Have

29Local and International Arbitration

• Petition To Appoint The Arbitrator
• Challenge The Arbitrator Appointment
• Represent the Arbitration Proceeding in India and Abroad
• Challenge the Venue For Arbitration Proceeding
• Challenge the Procedure of Arbitration Proceeding
• Challenge the Arbitration Award for Applying Conflict of Laws Beyond the Scope of Arbitration Agreement
• Executing and Challenging The Foreign Arbitration Award

30Solid Waste & Environment Matters

• Waste water polluting River water
• Infrastructure Development Project damaging Environment
• Road Highways Project damaging nature
• Industry and its products polluting and damaging environment
• Solid waste items polluting and damaging agriculture land
• Any other environment issues